the following programs are taught in English

Bill Palmer; Aligning Body and Mind

Bill Palmer is an English shiatsu teacher and a great inspiration for our school. Bill is a well-known teacher with impact in the international Shiatsu World. Bill comes once a year together with his wife Teresa to our school in Wageningen.

26 + 27 of May 2018 he will be there again. Theme: “Aligning Body and Mind”. This weekend is about finding harmony between our inner spontaneity and the fixed patterns that we have developed in response to the expectations of the outside world.


March 11th to 18th 2018 in Morocco

As a masseur you know how deeply people can be touched by your treatments. But do you know how to accompany the emotional processes which are arising? During the International Shiatsu Intensive you learn to use the 5 elements and Shiatsu to make space for everything what is there during the treatment, so that transformation may follow.

This is a postgraduate course for masseurs and massage therapists. It is given in cooperation with the Finnish Annika Sarvela. Class language is English. Next to the lessons there will be plenty of joyfull time to enjoy wonderful Shiatsu-Yoga-Do-In-Meditation holidays.

Masterclass TAO Chair massage

You learn three different massage treatments on a massage chair, but you learn a lot more. Through exercises, meditations, massages and theory, you work on the quality of your touch and your own body awareness and presence. You learn to follow your intuition while knowing at the same time what you are doing and why. You learn to search together for what works. After 6 teaching days, 60 exercise treatments and 7 theory questions you will receive a TAO Chair Masseur certificate.

This Masteclass is the practical basis of TAO style Shiatsu. You learn to apply all “7 things that matter during a massage treatment” in practice.

This Masterclass is occasionally given in English; at this moment no dates or places for that are known.