Bill Palmer was one of the pioneers of Shiatsu in Europe in the 1970’s and is the originator of Movement Shiatsu. He has taught in Holland since 1994 and now comes for the third time to our school in Wageningen. This year, with his wife Teresa, he presents a weekend workshop on Aligning Body and Mind.


We will show how to use Movement, Bodywork and Voicework to get in touch with our spontaneous energy and our primal Will.  We will show how to help a client release muscular patterns that inhibit the Will and to align the skeleton to help energy to flow clearly through the body. This theme addresses a central human dilemma: How can we value our individuality at the same time as living harmoniously with other people?

The conflict between the inner and the outer causes both emotional and physical problems. Acting according to other people’s expectations rather than in harmony with our deep self  causes internal conflict which can result in injury, lack of energy and emotional confusion.

We will show how a family of meridians including the Bladder, Small Intestine, Kidney and Heart are all involved in expressing the primal will and resolving the conflict between inner energy and inhibition. In particular we will show how they are involved in the development of forward movement in babies and how patterns learned in infancy can influence the development of personality in the adult.


  • You learn to work with the alignment of the spine with as result a free flow of energy through the body
  • You learn to work with blocked areas of the skeleton such as wrists and ankles
  • You learn to free blockages of muscles
  • You can feel the effect of blockages in your own body structure
  • You learn to use voice work to open covered areas of your personality
  • You learn to use body work to release blockages of the energy source
  • You learn to do and guide Authentic Movement

This weekend will be a huge contribution to your development as a body work therapist. You will learn to assist people in profound therapeutic processes.


Are you a shiatsu therapist or other kind of body worker and do you seek  innovation and therapeutic deepening to bring into your treatments?

Are you working with shiatsu or body work and want to learn new ways of  working with communication between Body and Mind ?

Do you want to experience a training weekend which  have a profound impact  on the way you work and your own body consciousness?

Then this weekend is for you. *

* This weekend is a continuation of previous weekends with Bill. If you have experience in bodywork, shiatsu or other form of massage you are welcome to join the investigation!


  • Bill Palmer
    Bill Palmer

    Bill Palmer was one of the pioneers of oriental bodywork and Qigong in Europe in the seventies. He recognized that the basis of oriëntale approach was to “facilitate inner communication”. He began to study how people could access oppressed parts of their personality through their body and through movement. He worked for ten years with teachers within the voice work of Alfred Wolfson and Roy Hart tradition. He studied Qigong, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Developmental Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy. He is the director of the School of Experiential Education, a school for learning through exploration and improvisation. Bill is the initiator of the shiatsu-style “Movement Shiatsu”. He teaches Movement Shiatsu around the world. He is also regularly involved in music improvisation.

My central belief is that we, as individuals, are not wise enough to know what is best for another person. Therefore, I do not try to understand what to do by diagnosis and theory. Instead, I focus on helping people to feel into themselves through their body sensations and their natural life process. My work is now more like education than therapy.
– Bill Palmer 

  • Teresa Hadland
    Teresa Hadland

    Teresa Hadland is a Bodywork therapist and the wife of Bill. She studied Shiatsu, Meditation and Yoga in Japan and UK. She dedicated her life to listen to the moving body in dance, massage and bodywork. She has a busy therapy practice in UK, teaches Shiatsu and Inner Yoga and is a member of a dance group. She believes that having fun together is the perfect way to allow each and every part of ourselves to be included. Her playful way of working makes it easy to go trough challenging experiences during a therapeutic process.


This weekend is accredited by KTNO (incl. NVST and BATC) and ZHONG (category 1).


do you want to learn a new way of working with shiatsu and bodywork? 


26 + May 27, 2018
By KenKon, Nieuwe Kanaal 11 in Wageningen

From 10 to 17 hours


Costs € 250, –

When you sign in you will receive an invoice to be paid within two weeks.



Do you need a place to sleep? There are plenty of Hotels and B&B’s in the area.

You can also sleep at KenKon. It costs €10,- (in a big room) or €15,- (in private room) per night. You can use futons and pillows but you need to take your own sheets and sleeping bag with you.  There is a shower and a kitchen which you can use. There are restaurants in the area, one is quite close, the rest is a little walk away.



Planning to travel by public transport? You need to go by train to Ede Wageningen. There is a train coming directly from Amsterdam and from airport Schiphol to Ede Wageningen. Take from Ede Wageningen bus nr. 88 or nr. 84 to Nieuwe Kanaal (busstop Ooststeeg), where KenKon is located. Walk 3 minutes to KenKon.


After your registration you get an invoice to be payed within two weeks. You can also use PayPal.

Cancellation policy: After your registration you have 14 days to cancel your registration free of charge. After that you’ll pay to six weeks to start € 37.50 administration fee. From 6 weeks to start 100% of the tuition.